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Pink Floyd Time Capsule: 1965-1969
CD-rom that includes - among other things - over 275 articles, reviews, concert and LP release adverts, photos, chart positions, and just about every known piece of printed matter on the band's and Syd's musical infancy!  We have succeeded in salvaging the most relevant and historical long-lost articles and media ramblings on the band that would have otherwise gone forever unavailable to new fans.  It's unlike anything you will ever have access to and is truly the end-all, most complete electronic reference.

NOTE:  ALSO included on this disc is the entire searchable text of the Pink Floyd Lyrics, Themes & Meanings site in ebook format, entitled Not So Lost For Words!



Brain Damage Masterfiles CD Set
This is the official Brain Damage double CD Masterfiles set of back issues!  Brain Damage was the international Pink Floyd magazine and produced 40 issues - most of which have long since been sold out and impossible to find.  Since there were in- depth retrospectives, international discographies, timelines, and loads of information in those issues that may have otherwise gone forever unavailable to new fans, Brain Damage have compiled their entire library of back issues onto two CDs  -  high resolution scans of every page (covers included!) of every issue they could release!


Each issue is presented in e-book format (Adobe PDF files) and are accessed off the main "Start Page"…

Navigating through each issue is as easy as flipping through a printed magazine…

To return to the main navigation page ("Start"), you need only click on the Bookmark "Back To Start".  From there you may go to any other issue you wish.  It's really that easy!

CD Number One ("Cranial") is over 500mb and includes issues 9,10,11,13,15,17-32.  The first eight issues are not included as all relevant material from those issues was compiled into the "Best of Brain Damage" released in 1995 (which is included on CD Number Two!).  Issues 12, 14 and 16 were not allowed to be included for legal reasons.

CD Number Two ("Pulpstatic") is over 400mb and includes issues 33-40 and the "Best of Brain Damage".

Cumulatively almost a full GIG of solid Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, and Syd Barrett coverage from what was then and remains the best selling Pink Floyd magazine ever.  The perfect compendium to any collection, with ease of reference, a wealth of information, and as compact in size as "The Wall".  ;-)

The two CDs are professionally manufactured (not a homemade item) with full-color art  case and CD.  Each disc is sold separately for $5.95 each or you can buy them both along with the Time Capsule 1965-1969 to save on shipping.  When you click the link on the right column to place your order, you are ordering directly from the manufacturer.

(Note:  The discs are security-encrypted to prevent any changes or printing.  There are also numerous copyright notices throughout that advise you of what you may not do with these CDs - such as copying them or re-selling them.)

These discs were limited in availability to only 250 sets!!  That compared to the press runs of nearly 20,000 copies of the later issues of Brain Damage and you'll not wonder why you're urged to get them while they last.



Brain Damage Magazine Masterfiles 2CD set of all Back Issues for only $11.90!



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